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Go Zen with These Mohawk Carpet Colors

At Premier Flooring Center, we often provide advice to homeowners in search of particular look or feel for their home makeover or room redesign. When they walk into our Grass Valley, CA showroom, these people have no clue where to start, because of our overwhelming amount of surfacing options, designs, patterns, and tones. But with our professional assistance, we give them the information necessary to narrow down their choices, thus highlighting their best pick.

In many instances, we?re asked about how to recreate a space with a certain appeal, retro, classic, contemporary, or Zen, for example. It?s possible, of course, but you need to consider both features and appearance, in order to attain that particular aesthetic quality. Today, we?ll give you a quick guide to getting a Zen look for your home.

Walls and Floors
Typically, soft surfacing is the ideal choice for Zen appeal, in Mohawk carpet colors of natural, earthy tones. For walls, select light beige or white, and skip on accent tones in popular shades, they?ll totally throw off your Zen look.

With furniture, it?s best to stay with muted tones; however, you can add a splash of your own style, by adding family heirlooms or custom-made pieces. Upholstered furniture like chairs and couches work well in white, beige or grey. Your overall goal is simple designs, natural Mohawk carpet colors, and clean, aesthetically-appealing lines.

Accents and Accessories
Overall, you?re aiming for a monochromatic theme, but you can add a splash of color with accents and accessories. Use shades of green, coral, orange, and sunset orange sparingly with artifacts, throws, and decorative pillows, drawing the eye to these unique treasures. Don?t get carried away with decorative clutter; the key is simplicity with Zen.

The calming, relaxing effect of the Zen style comes from the green element that is typically introduced with live plants. Think about scattering white orchids, palms, and bonsai trees throughout your room or home, though you do need to remember not to overdo it and add too many things, no matter how lovely they are. Again, keep the area clean and simple, not overly decorated.