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The allure of solid hardwood floors in your home

Everything about hardwood flooring, it seems, only makes it more alluring for many homeowners. The long lifespan is a huge factor, but so is the fact that it adds great value to your home, is durable and strong, very cost-effective over time and is considered low maintenance. When it comes to appearance, it’s important to remember that it can easily match any decor scheme. So no matter what kind of decorating you enjoy doing, even switching it up will not cause this flooring to become dated.

Premier Flooring Center is proud to offer more than 20 years of experience in the flooring world, and we’ll put that experience to work when you bring your flooring project to us. We offer an excellent selection of flooring materials and services to meet whatever needs you have and we can bring everything together for a result you can enjoy for years to come. We serve the communities of Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, and Auburn, all from our Grass Valley, CA showroom floor, and we’ll be more than happy to assist you in all your flooring needs. Please feel free to stop in whenever you’re in the area.
Gorgeous hardwood flooring in Nevada City, CA from Premier Flooring Center

The best of hardwood floors

It’s so exciting to finally settle on hardwood flooring for your home. However, even after doing so, you still have some options to finalize. For instance, you’ll want to pick the perfect wood species, which helps to offer the right protection against wear and tear, the perfect stain color, which helps to match all your decor, and a finish that can really bring everything together. Many homeowners choose a classic high-gloss finish, but you can also choose from hand scraped, distressed, or vintage finishes as well.

With a lifespan that can reach 50 to 100 years with ease, you’ll find these floors can go decades without showing very much wear and tear. When it does finally begin to show through, however, you can always schedule a refinishing for your floors. This process strips away years of wear, leaving you with a floor that looks brand new all over again. During the refinishing process, you can even choose to change your finish type, or even stain colors, to better match a decor or interior design scheme.

Be sure to ask about the necessity of professional installation when it comes to your hardwood flooring.

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