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How to Give a Room the ?Wow? Factor

It wasn?t so long ago that when we heard the word ?neutral,? we?d think of beige or white.

Grey is now the new neutral, and it can be exciting. True grey is a mixture of black and white, but it can also be warm or cool, depending upon its undertones, and they can range from slate blue to purple to green.

Grey floors are wildly popular right now, and that trend isn?t expected to end anytime soon. Coordinate it will around walls and upholstery, and you?ll have a room that screams ?Za Za Zoom!?

Best of all, you can get gray in the palette from Mohawk, a company has been around for a long time; Mohawk Industries rolled out its first carpet in the late 1800s. Since then, it?s been a symbol of fashion and innovation, with an assortment of styles and colors.

Mohawk Carpet Colors is a complete palette from some of the most vibrant shades to neutrals and earth tones.

Okay, You Want a Gray Floor. Now What?
Don?t just think about the black and white mixture, but also consider undertones, the subtle secondary colors that also add strong impact.

Think about them in floor, paint, upholstery and other woods.

For carpet, you can find various colors from Mohawk. Hold the samples and chips up to each other to see how they work and balance out.

What?s your style? That?s the number 1 rule in decorating; think about this one, because it will keep the feeling of cohesiveness. Is your look traditional or contemporary casual? Is it bold, earthy or even airy?

Once you know your style, choose your carpet, and think about Mohawk. If you want a bold look, choose a dark gray color, then add another strong color for walls, such as an eggplant, or even a deep red (you can always do an accent wall, if you?d rather not have too much of a color). Then add one more vibrant color, for accessories such as pillows, but be sure it complements all the others; for instance, green works well with red; or if you have blue, orange always looks great with that color.

Best thing is to invest in an inexpensive color wheel, then come into the Premier Floor Covering showroom in Grass Valley, CA, for more tips.