In what direction should luxury vinyl flooring installations be laid?

In what direction should luxury vinyl flooring installations be laid?

Luxury vinyl flooring comes in plank (LVP), where the material is cut into strips to mimic hardwood floorboards. It can also be cut into square, tile-sized pieces called LVT flooring.??

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How do you lay out the planks?

Generally, planks should run parallel to the longest wall. That makes the room look bright and large.?

Since LVP flooring comes in planks of all sizes, it can be arranged in unique layouts. These include random width, herringbone, chevron, etc.

If the room isn?t a rectangular shape

Your room may have an odd shape with many corners and crannies. If so, install the vinyl plank flooring in a diagonal layout.

Diagonal layouts, especially at 45-degree angles, are distinctive and eye-catching.

There are other factors to consider, however.

Do you have a focal point?

You may have a unique piece of furniture, a painting, or a fireplace. It can be anything to which you want to draw attention. Position the planks toward the focal point.

How about lighting?

Installers almost always position the planks toward a window or natural light source. The idea is for the planks to flow toward the light, not away from it.

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What else to know about luxury vinyl flooring

LVT and LVP flooring offers realistic and vibrant images of wood, stone, and tile. In addition, the floors have depth, dimension, and textured looks.

Luxury vinyl is also completely waterproof, durable, and easy to care for. Installation, too, is uncomplicated, especially when the floors float.

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