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Premier Flooring Center's Top 4 Mohawk Carpet Colors & Styles

At the?Premier Flooring Center showroom in Grass Valley, CA, our on-site flooring pros help tons of homeowners decide upon Mohawk carpet colors. These days, there is a vast selection of options, and it can be incredibly difficult to pick the ideal tone and style. Luckily, no matter what decor you have in your home, we'll always be able to find a shade, pattern or style to suit it. However, this year, we've seen several trends emerging, so we'd like to share our top 4 colors and styles to aid you in your search to find everything you'll need for your upcoming renovation.

1. Popular Colors
Without a doubt, beige is by far the most popular color on the market. While some people may think it's boring, this shade is actually a fantastic way to compliment any decor style whatsoever. So, whether you're into the minimalist look, or have always been a fan of rustic-chic, beige will blend in with whatever fashion you'd like to rock! Red walls? Mosaic tiles? Really, there's no safer bet than beige. The wonderful thing about this color is, it also makes any room appear larger. As such, smaller spaces look transformed with this noteworthy tone.?

2. Warm Tones
Create a cozy atmosphere with warm colors like red and orange umber, tones that also brighten up a room immeasurably. If you have neutral colored walls, consider contrasting them with lush, red Mohawk carpet colors, for a stunning yet warm-hearted look. For households with children and pets, dark, warm fiber tones are an excellent way to hide stains. Living rooms and hallways, areas that see plenty of foot-traffic, do well with warm, red colors to mask any flooring marks.?

3. Twisted Pile
Twisted pile fibers have always been an incredibly popular style. Available in either plain colors or lively designs, the yarn that creates these tightly-twisted fibers have cut loops to display a refined surfacing. This high-quality surfacing material is also available in cost-friendly pricing, making it a great carpet choice when you're on a tight budget.?

4. Shag Pile
Shag pile comes in many Mohawk carpet colors, and it has risen to become trendy once again. A must-have in the 1970s, shag pile is a fine fiber with a luxurious appeal, providing homeowners with an unbelievably soft, underfoot tread. If you want to add both warmth and class to your bedroom, look no further than this shaggy option.