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What Are the Best Mohawk Carpet Colors in Neutral Tones?

While our Premier Floor Covering showroom in Grass Valley, CA caries various colors, neutral tones are by far the most popular choice among homeowners. Needless to say, these shades are a favorite during renovations, as they match with any decor. Rustic, contemporary or just plain flamboyant, you'll be able to bring any room together by using a tried-and-true interior design technique: Neutral Mohawk carpet colors.


Sure, the color "oatmeal" may sound every bit as exciting as the boring breakfast, but don't be fooled! Neutral and light, this earthy tone is an excellent option to create a pleasing backdrop, that ties all decor and furnishings together. A nice shade of sandy tan, oatmeal is especially lovely in a patterned Berber. The best thing about this tone is that it's surprisingly low maintenance. So, you don't have to worry about footprint marks, crumbs, or the odd loose thread, standing out like a sore thumb. Also, you'll add warmth to your room with this color, since there's a good amount of honey tones in this shade.?


Any taupe-tan Mohawk carpet colors easily blend in with pretty much any style of furnishing. With a hint of gray, this is also an earthy, neutral shade that will both add a hint of brightness, and create adhesion with room accessories. Looking for something a little out of the ordinary, all while keeping within the taupe-tan shade? Then, consider a tweed-type type surfacing material, as this pick has small specks of coloring within its earth-toned fibers. Thus, you'll be able to get slight greens and blues peeking out from your taupe-tan Mohawk carpet colors.?

Random Earth-toned Patterns

Do you have a busy household? Are kids or pets running amok? Perhaps, you'd like a shade that hides messes, spills, and the like? If so, you're in luck with random earth-toned patterns. With a generous splash of grays, blacks, tans, and browns, this random pattern will provide you with a low-maintenance alternative. Don't worry about so much foot traffic, because earth-toned patterns are neutral and non-repeating, making it a top selection for busy homes.