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Choosing Mohawk Carpet Colors to Create Atmosphere

One of the hardest parts of interior design, for those outside of the industry, is choosing the right colors to give their rooms the "vibe" or atmosphere that they want. Certain colors have certain effects on the way a room feels and, more importantly, how the people in that room feel. This is especially true of choosing carpet colors.
With the Spring remodeling season already in full-swing, we thought it would be a good idea to help our clients ease the process of choosing which Mohawk carpet colors would be best for their decor, by offering this quick guide to common carpet colors, and how they are best employed. Here's the lowdown!
Red is a dynamic, active color that is often associated with boldness, power, and activity. It is also, oddly, a color known to encourage appetite. This makes it an excellent addition to any dining room or kitchen.
Orange is a warm, welcoming color and is thus perfect for entryways, mud rooms, and any room where guests are likely to be entertained. Like yellow, the shade you choose is important, so as not to steal focus away from other design elements.
Yellow is a color traditionally associated with happy, light moods, and this makes it a great Mohawk carpet color choice for dining rooms and children's play rooms, depending upon the shade. If yellow is a bit too distracting for a carpet color in your home, try adding yellow accents instead, to take advantage of the cheery atmosphere this color lends to a room instead.
Green is a very relaxing color that bridges the gap between the warmer and cooler colors. This is a perfect choice for any room where tranquility is going to be a factor, such as bedrooms, studies, or meditation/ yoga rooms.
Blue is known to be a calming color, and it is also associated with productive mindsets. This makes it an excellent choice for offices where these qualities are most valued. It's also a great choice for rooms where children are likely to be doing homework, for all of the same reasons.
Black is a bold, modern color that is associated with power. Too much black can be a bit overwhelming, so it's best to use it sparingly, in combination with grays, to create modern, sophisticated looks.
Gray is an increasingly popular Mohawk carpet color that has seen a lot of play over the last few years, as a great way to create modern, minimalist atmospheres, It's a perfect neutral color that plays well with almost any other color out there to create chic, trendy looks.
Premier Floor Covering Has a Wide Selection of Mohawk Carpet Colors to Choose From
If you are ready to re-imagine the look of one or more rooms in your home, and you could use a little guidance on choosing colors, our design team would love to help! With over 20 years of flooring service under our belt, we have all of the knowledge and expertise you could ask for to choose the perfect colors for your home. Stop in, call, or email our showroom in Grass Valley, CA, to arrange for your free consultation and estimate. Let us help you find the colors and patterns you need to make your decor come alive!
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