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Express Your Style: Design with Mohawk Carpet Colors

Good for you! You?ve decided upon carpeting and you?ve chosen Mohawk, an award-winning company that?s long been known for innovation, fashion and technology.

Now with Mohawk Carpet Colors you can create your own room and any type of atmosphere, from casual and contemporary, to dramatic and sophisticated.

Premier Floor Covering offers a free design consultation, so feel free to come into our showroom in Grass Valley, CA, if you need some advice.

Color, Color, Color: The Biggest Trend for Soft Flooring

This is certainly a ?soft flooring,? so go wild with color! First, though, invest in a color wheel for around $20. Color theory can get a little confusing.

The general rule is that blues and greens are considered cooler colors, light and airy, with a casual, informal atmosphere.

Another fundamental is that warm colors, like red, orange and yellow (think heat, fire, citrus and sunshine), evoke feelings of excitement, high energy and passion.

Basic rules aside, you need to consider undertones, saturation and intensity. For example, dark sage green is cool, but the lighter it goes, the more yellow is added, and the warmer it becomes.

Purple is a mixture of red and blue. On one end is magenta (warm), and on the opposite end is violet (cool).?Grey can be either neutral or dramatic. For example, slate gray has blue undertones, while ?greige? is a combination of grey and beige.?Think balance and effect, and this is why you?ll need a color wheel.

Style Your Space with Mohawk Carpet Colors

Decide upon your color palette, and then highlight one color from the largest space in the room.?In this case, it will be the floor.

Say your rug is indigo, or is patterned with indigo. You want to highlight that color, so design around it, adding perhaps various shades of blue with some yellow accessories to warm it up, or perhaps by painting an accent wall in a red or orange hue.

If the carpet is red, you?ll probably want to tone it down a bit by painting the walls a neutral color, like cream, and adding darker tones like eggplant or navy blue.

Be sure to come into the Premier Floor Covering showroom in Grass Valley, CA, so we can show you some Mohawk Carpet Colors.

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