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Four Reasons Why Modern Laminate Flooring is Better Than Ever

From drab to fab, laminate flooring has sure come a long way over the last few years. Now, it's known as one of the most popular floor options in our Grass Valley, CA showroom. Recently, it's undergone some new design modifications, making this floor environmentally friendly and even more water resistant, all while attaining a whole new level of visual and textural appeal. Curious about how much this phenomenal material has developed? Then keep reading and get ready to be pleasantly surprised with technologically advanced laminate flooring.

1) Easier Maintenance and Cleaning
Don't lose sleep over upkeep! With modern laminate flooring, there's no big to-do about waxing or sanding. Thanks to technological advancements, this material isn't prone to water damage, as older versions used to be. All it needs to stay shiny and brand-new is a quick clean with a slightly damp mop.

2) Detailed Surface Textures
From intricate to smooth, there's a lot of options when it comes to this lovely material. Many homeowners don't realize that laminate flooring is also available in look-alikes, such as stone or tile, so don't feel pressured to go for that hardwood look. As for colors, there's a splendid array on the market that will positively impress even the most hard-to-please interior designer.

3) Healthier, Eco-Friendly Materials
Are you a stylish homeowner who's also eco-conscious? The latest renovation trend is all about tailoring our homes to be free of harmful chemicals. Aside from reducing your carbon footprint, your new floor is made of materials that have very low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). These compounds, which can become airborne, have been known to create allergies and breathing difficulties. Luckily, with this floor, you and your family can breathe easy.

4) Excellent Durability
Wood floors are often susceptible to water infiltration and damage, depending upon the type of surface treatment. One great advancement in laminate is higher water resistance. Suddenly, there's a whole new option out there for bathroom and kitchen renovations!

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