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Gray Laminate Flooring: A Modern Look for Your Modern Home

Now that you're considering an update for your kitchen, a redesign for your bathroom, or a significant face-lift for your entryway, you've probably come to the conclusion that your surfacing is in dire need of a makeover as well. Nowadays, at our Premier Floor Covering showroom in Grass Valley, CA, we carry a grand selection of the latest styles and colors. Often, there's so many options to pick from, it's so hard to choose which one suits your renovation the best! However, if you're looking for something with a modern flair that's low maintenance, you may be surprised to know that gray laminate flooring is really "in" this season.?

In the end, it's no surprise to us at Premier Floor Covering, and we'll tell you why you may want to come in and check out this wonderful surfacing alternative.

Cool, Sleek, and Sophisticated
Cool, sleek, and sophisticated, gray laminate flooring is an exceptionally modern surfacing material, which explains why it's so popular right now. With chic modern furniture, it's necessary to have surfacing that is just as chic and modern, so as not to take away from the particular look you're trying to achieve in your home. Ever so sophisticated with a hint of attitude, gray is really the way to go!

Ideal Backdrop for Decorating
As it's available in a varied number of textures and shades, this particular surfacing creates the ideal backdrop, one that is equally eye-catching as the rest of your home, yet unique in that it does not overpower the style of a room. As such, it opens up endless design opportunities for a wide selection of deco colors and styles. No doubt, that's probably why interior designers insist upon incorporating this chameleon-like tone into many of the latest redesigns.

Make It "Pop" or Keep it Neutral
By sticking to an all-neutral color in a room, you can keep the appearance of a space calm and relaxed. However, if you're looking to add a healthy splash of color, then make things "pop" by adding a bold, defining hue. Either way, gray laminate flooring makes it all come together beautifully, blending any elements you wish to incorporate together perfectly.

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