Gray laminate flooring

Gray Laminate Flooring: High Style Without Sticker Shock

It?s one of the hottest trends this year: Gray laminate flooring!

In weather, gray means gloomy or overcast, but nothing is further from the truth when it comes to flooring. Gray is a stylish neutral that sets the interior decor foundation and adds architectural interest to any atmosphere, from the rustic farmhouse kitchen, to a cozy living room and the sleek, modern bath.

You can get gray laminate flooring to mimic oak or tile floors. To see the largest selection, come to Premier Flooring Center of Grass Valley, CA.

Like hardwood, gray laminate flooring has many different shades and they might have undertones; you can create a unique design palette with each shade. You can get any number of textures from distressed to wire-brushed and guess what: They all blend well with other colors!

To give you some design ideas, here?s a quick primer from Premier Flooring Center:

? Greenish-gray: If your gray laminate flooring leans more toward green and the cooler colors, you can balance it out with some warmer tones elsewhere in the room, for example, with gold, honey or sage (a dark green) wallpaper, upholstery or accessories. Reds are sometimes lightened with white, and the look can be astounding; and we promise your flooring won?t look like a holiday decoration.
? Red-gray: If your gray laminate flooring looks a little red, it will practically beg for cream and pink extras. Pink will warm up the gray and make the room pop, especially if you throw in a little gold or honey! Another possibility is salmon; it?s subtle, warm, and if you coordinate it with turquoise or sky blue fabrics, you?ll swear you?re in the desert.
? Blue-gray: Slate gray sometimes has a cool blue undertone and you can continue that theme, but add other shades of blue. Then add surprise and warm it up with some touches with yellow, gold or cream, bronze or cocoa accessories.
? Dark Gray: Be bold! Add reds, preferably in different textures, like a velvet or tweed. Add some contrast with black and white!
? Light gray: Make it serene, and avoid any strong color. Add some cream, beige, silver or a touch of sage.
? Brown-gray: Make it sophisticated, with some tan, black or other neutrals.

Come into Premier Flooring Center in Grass Valley, CA, and we?ll show you how to give any room that za za zoom!

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