laminate flooring

Gray Makes Your Home Sizzle and Shine

Have you ever noticed that most architecturally stunning buildings, interiors and other objects are gray?

There?s a reason for that. This color is serene, cool and ultra-sophisticated. It works well with any environment, be it contemporary or traditional.

A neutral, it coordinates with any color so you can design any look.

For example, have a sofa in a loud color? Tone it down just by using a light gray on the floor, walls or accessories. Create a pretty pale pastel motif by combining that color with plum and light purple accessories; or use the classic gray-and-white style, or create a bold look by mixing and matching charcoal gray and red.

This all sounds great, you think, but your budget is fairly tight, so how can you do it?

Easy, says, Premier Floor Coverings of Grass Valley, CA: The answer lies in a wood look gray laminate flooring installation.

Laminate isn?t like the one we remember from years ago; thanks to modern technology, laminate has evolved and has a remarkable resemblance to wood, stone or tile, at a fraction of the cost.

A Hot Trend

This color has been a favorite neutral of industrial designers for years, but it?s recently made its debut to the residential scene.

Wood, or wood looks, like gray laminate flooring, are one of the hottest trends around, but don?t confuse ?trend? for ?fad.?

Trends can last for decades; they?re well thought out, researched and analyzed. They often capture the attention of influencers, and don?t expect this laminate flooring to go away any time soon.

Fads, like the pet rock faze, are short-lived and usually just born from some knee-jerk reaction.

Why Laminate?

Superior water-resistance.

Wood floors are susceptible to water damage, with the worst-case-scenario being warping and rotting, which makes it somewhat limited in installation.

You don?t really have to worry too much about this with laminate, because it is water-resistant.

Like anything, you need to take care of it. That means not submerging it in water. Wipe spills immediately, and never let water puddles sit for any length of time.

2. Durability: There?s a photographic layer of wood, stone or tile with a clear plastic wear layer on top, which protects against scratches or photo ?walking off?. It also offers water protection.

When shopping for your gray laminate flooring, don?t go for those cheap bargain-basement prices. If the quality is good, it will last up to 20 years and have excellent stain resistance.

3. Easy to clean: A soft broom or damp mop will do it. Avoid excess water, and only use a manufacturer-approved soap.

Come into the Grass Valley, CA showroom of Premier Floor Coverings and let us show you the wonders of gray laminate flooring

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