How to Choose Mohawk Carpet Colors for Function

How to Choose Mohawk Carpet Colors for Function

There is more to the color of carpeting than simply how it looks, and choosing the right carpeting is a matter of balancing your practical needs with your aesthetic wishes. Since you should already have a good sense of your aesthetic wishes, let's take a closer look at how the color of your carpet affects its functionality.

Here are three practical considerations to bear in mind when choosing your carpet:

Do You Want to Make the Room Look Bigger or Cozier?

Just like with clothes, darker Mohawk carpet colors tend to have a shrinking effect on our perception of things. Likewise, lighter colors lend an air of expansiveness.

If you want your living room to feel bright and open, you'll definitely want to go with brighter colors and patterns, that incorporate colors like white, yellow, or orange. On the other hand, to create a cozier feeling in a room, you might want to go for something darker like a deep brown, deep red, or even dark gray.

Hide Those Stains!

Hiding stains is a major consideration for homes with children, pets, or for those who own rental properties. When choosing Mohawk carpet colors for these situations, you will probably want to go with a brown or tan color, because most stains end up turning that color over time. However, brown isn't always right from an aesthetic perspective. In cases like that, you should go with a very dark color.

Hide the Dirt Too!

Carpeting that hides stains doesn't necessarily mean carpet that can hide dirt. Stains are spots of discoloration on the carpet, dirt is physical detritus that tends to stick to oily buildup, and looks considerably different than a simple stain.

If you live in an area where there is a lot of gritty buildup, or you have kids who love to track the whole outdoors in with them, flecked or busily patterned Mohawk carpet colors are going to be your friend!

Are You in the Market for Some New Carpeting?

If you're getting ready for a big flooring remodel in the Grass Valley, CA area, and would like a little help navigating the ins and outs of the process, Premier Floor Covering is here for you! Simply call, email, or stop by our showroom to have a look at our incredible selection of Mohawk carpet colors and styles.

Our team of flooring veterans would love nothing more than to help you find perfect carpet for you and your needs. Contact us today to arrange for your free consultation and estimate!

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