Mohawk carpet colors

How to Choose Mohawk Carpet Colors for Psychological Effect

One of the best things about carpets, when compared to other floor coverings, is that they offer a wide range of colors and patterns that can be used to provoke a specific aesthetic effect in the spaces they occupy.

Graphic designers, interior designers, and scientists all know the effect that certain colors can have on the human mind, but few people outside these fields ever bother to learn or use this information in their everyday lives. So, Premier Flooring Center had our designers throw together this quick little guide to inform our customers about the psychological effects of colors in design, to help them choose the Mohawk carpet colors they need to achieve the effect they desire.


It is said that red is a color that stimulates. Exactly what moods or emotions it stimulates is usually a contextual matter. Scientists have found that people experience physical signs of stimulation when viewing reds, such as increased heart rate and heavier breathing.

One thing that is commonly found to be true about the color red, is that it tends to provoke feelings of love, hunger, and even aggression. For these reasons, it is often considered the perfect color for dining rooms and master bedrooms.


This color has a similar effect as red, but it's a little less intense. It creates a welcoming, energizing, and energetic feeling. Although it is rarely used in carpeting, orange can be a fun color for children's playrooms, game rooms, or dining rooms, if the shade of orange is a bit darker.

Yellow or Gold

Yellow and gold are known to be the cheeriest of the more vibrant colors. It has a motivating effect that makes it perfect for offices, entertaining rooms, or artistic workspaces. Darker yellows and gold can be used together with white and brown, to create a rustic feel in a space, as well.


Green is a color evocative of nature, and spring and puts people in mind of natural, wholesome things. It's a very comforting color and can be used in any space where you would like to create a tranquil, relaxing atmosphere.


Blue has the opposite effect as red. Whereas red elicits stimulation, blue has a soothing, comforting quality that lowers the body's metabolism and promotes relaxation. This makes it an excellent color for Yoga or meditation spaces, or pretty much anywhere you want to have a relaxing atmosphere. It also suppresses appetite, so it might be best to avoid it in dining areas.


Purple is one of the more rare Mohawk carpet colors, but it does have its place in the right setting. Light purple is thought to promote nostalgia and romance, and is a very popular color for teen girls' bedrooms. Darker purples are thought to add an air of mystery to a space.


Black is a very formal, chic, and modern color. When combined with neutral grays, it is the perfect way to capture an atmosphere of modernity and lavish style. When used poorly, it tends to make a place seem sort of "Adam's Family-ish" but when pulled off correctly, adds an unbeatable level of modern elegance.


White is a very cheery color that has the added benefit of creating an illusion of more space, and makes a room feel open and bright. If you can maintain the carpet well and keep it clean, white is one of the most versatile and charming Mohawk Carpet colors out there.

Beige and Gray

These are the two most popular neutral colors. They play well with just about any other combination of color, and don't elicit psychological effects. One of the hottest new color trends of the year is something called "greige". Like it sounds, this is a combination of gray and beige that is popular, because it is a somewhat warmer neutral color.

Want to Learn More?

If this little article has you chomping at the bit to start picking out new colors for your carpet, why not stop by our Premier Flooring Center showroom in Grass Valley, CA to have a look around? Our team of designers and flooring experts are always on hand to help you choose the fibers and styles you need, to create the atmosphere you crave for your home, at a price that won't break the bank.

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