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Is acclimation necessary with luxury vinyl flooring?

Acclimating luxury vinyl flooring is usually recommended, especially in high humidity areas. It's essential for ensuring your floors don't buckle, warp, or peel after installation.

The acclimation process gives you the peace of mind you deserve for any room of your home. And the results will serve you for years to come.

How does acclimation work?

Luxury vinyl flooring is a floor covering with a layered construction. In those layers, air pockets can form that cause the flooring to expand and contract.

Acclimation works to equalize LVP and LVT flooring to the environment around it. This reduces the chance of expansion, contraction, and damage from it.

How long does acclimation take?

For luxury vinyl flooring, acclimation can take about 72 hours and then installation. Place boxes of flooring in the room where the installation will occur and open them.

This allows air to circulate the products, and acclimation happens. Therefore, it's essential to set your HVAC at an average temperature during the process.

What if you skip acclimation?

If you skip the acclimation process, there is the potential for your floors to warp, buckle, or cup. Often, the damage is irreversible, so luxury vinyl flooring acclimation is well worth the time.

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