gray laminate flooring

Is Gray the New Black?

Trends have certainly shifted in the past two years, adopting some pretty shocking looks and modern adaptations. At Premier Flooring Center, we have seen a ton of up-and-coming styles, from shocking slate uses to risqu? rock motifs. But if there's one thing that's all over interior design news now, it's black is out ,and gray laminate flooring is in. So, is gray the new black? To answer your questions, our Grass Valley, CA showroom pros have come up with a few details to consider. Whether you're thinking about a home redesign, or already planning a renovation, you won't want to miss out on our informative article on gray laminate flooring.

Sure, Black is Slimming, But We're Talking About Surfacing Material Here!

Throughout the centuries, the color black held several meanings. From the color of mourning to the "it" color of fashion, it's no surprise this stunning shade eventually made its way into design and decor. In the 60's, it was black and white kitchen tiles, while in the 80's, it was all about black walls and underfoot surfacing. Then came the 2000's, and suddenly we were surrounded by ceiling to plank onyx, including cabinetry and furniture. It's no surprise that somewhere along the way, interior designers decided it was all too drastic. That's when, a few years ago, we welcomed this fresh shift into "lighter" dark colors, ushering a whole new era of tones and shades.

Behold the Glory of... Gray Laminate Flooring!

Really, from a design point of view, the change was inevitable. If you're reading this, you may be thinking there isn't such a huge difference between the two tones. However, for the sake of better understanding these two fine colors, imagine your home having two kitchens, one in each color.?

In the first kitchen, your black hardwood planks are truly a sight to behold. Having said that, they're not that easy to maintain. You see, since you have three young kids and a large breed dog, there's always fur and fluff and stuff everywhere. To keep the kitchen neat, you're always cleaning. That's because black both reflects and acts as a backdrop for everything that falls on the wood surfacing. As such, you've been forced to spend time sweeping and mopping, more than you'd like to admit.?

However, in your kitchen with gray laminate flooring, you're pleased to learn that the material is dark enough to hide dirt and fur, but light enough that it doesn't act as a backdrop to showcase everything that drops. With this image in your mind, are you thinking that perhaps there's a new color in town you'd really like to try?

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