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Is it or isn?t it (Hardwood): Only Your Flooring Expert Knows for Sure

Things are just never what they seem. Sometimes something looks so easy people just take it for granted, thinking it somehow magically happens, like this major holiday event in Grass Valley, CA. It?s so time-consuming and complex, planning actually starts in September: by Lorraine Jewett

Alternatively, some people think things are a lot more complicated, or expensive, than they really are, like your gorgeous wood floors that are really vinyl plank flooring.

A floor doesn?t have to be hardwood to look like hardwood. Vinyl plank flooring is a synthetic, printed material. Throughout the years, there have been advances in printing technology that allow vinyl to perfectly mimic the look of hardwood, with a variety of domestic and exotic wood species, that include colors, markings, textures, specialty prints, and all. Sometimes even those with trained eyes have difficulty telling the difference.

The biggest difference is cost: Vinyl is a fraction of the price of hardwood. As the old saying goes, however, ?You get what you pay for,? so don?t be tempted by those bargain basement-rock bottom prices, because that product may not be as durable or attractive as others.

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It?s also important to note that the price of hardwood can sometimes fluctuate, with some species being a little more expensive. Finishes can increase the price, too. Since vinyl is a printed material, there isn?t such a big gap, although you may pay more for extras, like textures.

The other big difference is in moisture-resistance. Vinyl is 100 percent waterproof. The worst that can ever happen is a low-quality adhesive will come loose; causing the planks to curl, but the material itself will stay unharmed.

Hardwood, however, will warp if exposed to excess water, and installation is limited, never being recommended for baths, basements or any other moisture prone areas.

Premier Flooring Center is a 20 year-old company, located in Grass Valley, Ca and serving all of Nevada County. The award-winning company, with a completely home-grown staff, is focused solely on customer service and helping you pick the right product for your environment. Premier Flooring Center carries large stock of vinyl sheet, luxury vinyl, carpet, hardwood, and laminate.

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