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Is water-resistant and waterproof flooring the same?

Waterproof and water-resistant flooring is not the same. But choosing the best one for your needs will depend on your requirements.

The more you know about the differences between water-resistant and waterproof flooring, the better choice you can make. And we have all the facts to help you choose all the best options for your home.

Water-resistance is important

Choose water-resistant floors if you need protection from splashing, humidity, and occasional spills. Some products give you up to 72 hours to clean up messes and dampness.

Waterproof flooring is perfect for single homeowners or families with no kids or pets. But if you don't fit this description, it's not the only choice.

Waterproof materials are worth it

Only waterproof flooring will do if you need complete protection from potential water damage. These floors never take on water damage, even in flood conditions.

These are the best options for any space where extensive spills or dampness are expected. If you have children and pets, we're sure it's a product you'll appreciate.

If you've never considered the option, look at waterproof vinyl flooring. These materials protect your floors and offer stunning visuals at the same time.

Visit us for the best waterproof flooring and more

At Premier Flooring Center, you'll find many products and services to meet your every need. We will help you browse a broad inventory and provide services to match each material.

Our service areas include Grass Valley, Nevada City, Penn Valley, Auburn, and Rough and Ready, CA. And you're invited to visit our showroom in Grass Valley, CA, at your convenience.

We'll make sure you find the waterproof flooring you want and need for your home. We'll work right alongside you on any size remodel, so be sure to stop by our showroom any time.
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