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Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring: The Best of All Worlds with Style, Affordability and Durability

We first told you about the great organization, Sierra Roots, earlier this fall. Sierra Roots is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping the people of Nevada County who find themselves, often suddenly, homeless. The organization works to create a sustainable community that provides safe and secure housing; residents are also connected with other supportive resources.

The last time we told you about them, Sierra Roots was negotiating for space in which they could build 40 tiny homes. Today, the challenge continues as they found the ?perfect? space on the corner of Ridge and Zion Streets; the area is the gateway to Nevada City, so the village would have to look beautiful, say organization officials: by Matthew Pera.

A good choice would be luxury vinyl plank. Vinyl plank flooring, first and foremost, has the rich, elegant look of real wood, without you having to spend an arm and leg for it. It looks so authentic that sometimes it?s even hard to tell the difference between luxury vinyl plank and real wood. It is a little softer than wood, so that makes it easier to stand on for longer periods, such as when you?re in the kitchen preparing a dinner.

Buy luxury vinyl plank flooring at Grass City at Premier Flooring Center.

Luxury vinyl plank is also durable, and possibly the greatest benefit is that it is completely, 100 percent water-resistant. That means that, unlike real wood, you can install it in in bathrooms, basements and anywhere you?d have moisture concerns.

Another big benefit is that it can be installed over any subfloor. The subfloor can be tricky and if it?s cracked or moves, or if it?s uneven, it will sometimes need to be repaired before installing some flooring types. Luxury vinyl plank, especially for the thicker pieces, tend to be much more forgiving, so the subfloor never poses a problem.

The planks also don?t need to be glued down; some either come with an interlocking system or a ?tape down? one. That makes installation a snap (pun intended)

Premier Flooring Center, located in Grass City, CA, serves all of Nevada County. The 20-year-old, award-winning company carries a large inventory of luxury vinyl, carpet, hardwood, laminate, and vinyl.

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