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Premier Flooring Center's Laminate Flooring FAQ

We get all sorts of flooring questions from our customers over the course of a week here at Premier Flooring Center and we started to notice that a lot of them seem to revolve around laminate flooring. Many people are looking for cost-effective alternatives to wood flooring to remodel their homes on a budget and it would appear that laminate flooring, while an excellent wood floor replacer, is somewhat mysterious to those outside of the flooring industry.

So, we thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the most persistent questions about this versatile and durable flooring material. Here are the three most common questions we get about laminate and their answers.

1. What is It?

Laminate is a material used to recreate the look of more expensive flooring materials, through the use of graphic overlays applied to a base of layered materials. These layers are created by bonding the materials at high heat and under extreme pressure, to create an extremely durable and inexpensive flooring option that is capable of replacing more expensive alternatives, without sacrificing aesthetics.

2. Is it Easy to Clean and Maintain?

Cleaning and maintenance of floors made of laminate, is comparable to some of the easier-to-maintain flooring materials out there, such as the wood floors they so frequently mimic. This means that proper attention to sweeping, attending to spills immediately, and avoiding any abrasive substances or tools, such as wire brushes, when cleaning, is all it takes to keep your floors in tip-top shape for years to come.

3. Where Can it Be Installed in My Home?

Laminate can be installed just about anywhere in the home, but it is not recommended for use in areas where moisture is likely to be a factor. This means you should avoid installing this type of flooring in basements, and bathrooms, because the moisture commonly present in those areas of the house can cause the floors to warp, buckle, or separate.

Would You Like to Learn More About Laminate?

If you are looking to buy quality laminate flooring in the Grass Valley, CA area, or you just have questions of your own, Premier Flooring Center is here to help! Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is always on hand to answer any questions that you may have, and would love nothing more than to demonstrate all of the latest flooring trends and styles.

Simply stop in, call, or email our showroom in Grass Valley, CA, to arrange for your free consultation.

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