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The Popularity of Gray

Love that farmhouse look? ?How about classic elegance or contemporary casual? ?Retro? Gray is all the rage right now, and that?s not expected to end anytime soon. So if the wallet says no to hardwood, look no further than wood-look laminate for your flooring.

There?s a little confusion about the color gray, says Premier Floor Covering. ?One of the big questions always is, ?is it a cool or warm color?? Actually, it can be either, and that?s why you should invest $20 or so in a cheap color wheel. ?

It?s a lot more than just a combination of black and white. ?It has a lot of undertones, such as the blue hue of slate gray. That?s on the cool side of the color wheel, but it can also have hints of yellow or brown, and that warms it up.

Your Personal Expression of Style

Let your imagination go wild, but don?t fall for something faddish. ?A trend has a lot of research and track record behind it. Since the floor is also one of the biggest, if not the biggest investments you?ll make in your home, so you want to be sure you won?t tire of it quickly, or date yourself because it has gone out of style fast.

You can?t go wrong with gray, and, of course, you?ll never go wrong with laminate, because it?s so highly durable; in fact, it?s one of the most recommended flooring types if you have kids.

Put it down first, and then coordinate around it. What colors go with it? ?Really, it?s a designer favorite, because it works well with anything, from light and dark blue to yellow, red, orange and green, and more.

A Few Scenarios for the Kitchen

You?ll undoubtedly have your own, but here are a few suggestions to get those creative juices flowing. The flooring is always gray wood-look laminate.

Farmhouse. Use a pale color on the wall with just a tiny bit of color, such as cream or light blue.

Clean and modern. ?Play up the contrast! ?Install stainless steel appliances with white (or very pale gray) walls and cabinets. Maybe add a black lacquer table with black chair padding.

Retro is fun. ?Add touches of red and orange with funky 1950s memorabilia accessories, such as model cars and Coca-Cola signs.

Come into the Premier Floor Covering showroom in Grass Valley, CA, and let us show you how versatile this flooring can be.
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