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Using Carpet Colors to Design Your Space

By now, most of us know that the flooring is what sets the design of an entire room. Carpet is beautiful and fits into any style, from the most traditional to modern.

It?s also a great insulator, shielding us from noises such as footsteps or beeping electronic devices.

Color can also add style and Mohawk Carpet Colors offer a wide assortment, so there?s something to appeal to everyone.

Many Shades of Gray in Mohawk Carpet Colors

The same principles apply to any color, but we?ll use gray here, because it?s so popular. Everyone wants a gray floor, any shade will do!

The 2018 gray trend isn?t expected to end anytime soon. In fact, the flooring pros at Premier Floor Covering are telling us that sales of gray are going through the roof.

There?s true gray, a mixture of white and black, but if you look closely you?ll see that many other colors, such as brown or blue, are tinged with gray.

So if you?re one of those people who just can?t end your love affair with gray, you?re in luck, because Mohawk Carpet Colors has a lot of gray for you.

Here are three looks you can achieve with a gray carpet:

1. Airy, breezy and open. This is a look that is especially terrific if yours is a beach home or cottage. If the carpet is light gray, use soft colors that reflect light, including white walls, light woods, etc. Think about window vistas or art, because that can provide breathtaking contrast, especially if your window looks out into blue water.

2. Drama. Keep the room all gray, but use different shades. For instance, if your carpet is a very light gray, you might want to use a darker shade on the walls, especially if the room is large. If the room is small, you might want to paint with blue-gray, and then use darker gray shades for sofa pillows, sofa blankets or throws or other accessories.

3. Bold and vivid: If your carpet is a dark gray, mix it with vivid tones like red or burnt orange

Mohawk Carpet Colors: Browns, Beige, Blue and More

Just be sure the colors always complement each other. For example, orange always?looks good with blue, and green works with red.?You can?t beat the sophistication of white and black!

Feel free to come into the Premier Floor Covering showroom in Grass Valley, CA, so we can help with your color adventure.

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