What to Consider When Choosing Mohawk Carpet Colors for Your Home

So, you're putting new floors in your home and you've decided that carpet is the way to go, but now you're not quite sure which color to choose, or even how to choose it. No worries, Premier Floor Covering has your back!

We know that most people don't spend the bulk of their time thinking about interior design like professionals do, so we had our design team throw together a handy guide to the most important things to take into account when choosing Mohawk carpet colors for a given room. Don't worry! It's easier than you think!

Consider the Rooms Purpose

You're probably going to make different color choices in a children's playroom than you would for a living room. Bright, primary colors look great in a child's bedroom or play area, but might raise some eyebrows in your living room or kitchen.

Try choosing cooler, more calming colors for areas where you are likely to spend time socializing, to create a serene atmosphere that is conducive to conversation. Neutral colors tend to work better in an office setting, and promote concentration. In the bedroom, try for warmer colors to make the room seem cozier. These are just a few basic guidelines to give you an idea, your flooring representative will be able to help you narrow down your choices when the time comes.

Consider Foot Traffic Levels

Areas of carpeting that receive more foot traffic than others, have a tendency to become darker from the increased level of dirt being tracked through, and ground into the pile of your carpet. That's why it is recommended that you use darker Mohawk Carpet colors or patterns in rooms like the entryway, on stairs, or in hallways.

Consider Your Existing Furniture and Decor

Try to choose colors and patterns that play well with the colors of your existing furniture and decor. If you have a bright red couch, a sky blue carpet is going to look a bit off. the best way to know how colors will play in your existing decor is to bring home swatches and hold them up to the various elements of your interior design, and see what plays well with others, and which colors need a time-out.

You can also always ask your carpet store representative to help point out colors that would work well in your home. Take some pictures of your home in good lighting conditions to bring and show them, to further streamline the process.

Ask the Pros

These are just some basic guidelines to help get you started on the right path. You can read about choosing Mohawk carpet colors until your eyes cross, but the best way to find the right colors, is to go out and see what's available. If you would like to arrange for a free consultation and estimate, the staff of Premier Floor Covering would love to help!

All you have to do is call, email, or stop by our showroom in Grass Valley, CA, and our knowledgeable team of flooring experts will do whatever it takes to get you the carpet you want, in the best color for your decor, at a price that can't be beat!

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