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Where Should I Add Gray Laminate Flooring?

Gray laminate flooring is, by far, one of the most popular surfacing materials at our Premier Floor Covering, Grass Valley, CA showroom. Of course, from our point of view, it's clearly no surprise, as not only is the color a timeless, neutral tone, but the material itself is a technological wonder. In essence, you can add gray laminate flooring to any room in your home, though once there, it does look particularly stunning in some key areas. Read on to get a few ideas on where you can install gray laminate flooring for some extra oomph in your interior design.

The Bedroom

In an area like the bedroom, you may want to consider opting for surfacing that's not so trendy that you'll get tired of it, but not so plain that it fades into the background. As well, typically, you may want to think about a shade that soothing, since the bedroom is supposed to be a relaxing haven. As such, gray planks are an excellent choice, providing both an unusual design dynamic, while simultaneously offering a calming, soothing style.

The Kitchen

No matter what your particular design preference may be, contemporary, rustic, or minimalist, the addition of gray to the kitchen can make a sweeping sensation. How so, you may wonder? Well, again, as it is a neutral color, this choice of planks really blend into almost any surrounding. But, rather than acting like a boring, bland shade, this definitely-not-boring neutral stands out, though, not too much, just as much as it acts like a blank canvas. That means, whatever approach you decide upon for your kitchen design, you'll never have to worry about your surfacing, it'll always match!

The Entryway

In the entryway, homeowners usually look for a hard surfacing that can handle the increased foot traffic. More often than not, that means forgoing lighter tones, and choosing darker shades to minimize on maintenance. As this approach is a good rule-of-thumb, you may want to consider darker alternatives for gray laminate flooring. In this situation, you'll get planks that can handle a high traffic area, while also being a shade that can downplay the occasional stain or dirt build-up.

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